South Tampa Center for the Arts
The Greatest Showman (4th-8th Graders) 7/16-7/20
Multiple Teachers
South Tampa Center for the Arts (location map)
Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
07/16/18 (1 week)

"You saw it on the big screen.  You've listened to the soundtrack a million times. But do you have what it takes to bring "The Greatest Showman" to South Tampa? The Greatest Showman was a major blockbuster this year and now is your chance to be a part of it!  Featuring songs from the hit movie-musical, campers will have a blast learning choreographed routines to the songs they've come to know and love.  Are you ready to put on "The Greatest Show"? Register today! (Dance Intensive Camp)

Upcoming Meetings
07/16/18    9:00 AM Monday 07/16/18 9:00 AM
07/17/18    9:00 AM Tuesday 07/17/18 9:00 AM
07/18/18    9:00 AM Wednesday 07/18/18 9:00 AM
07/19/18    9:00 AM Thursday 07/19/18 9:00 AM
07/20/18    9:00 AM Friday 07/20/18 9:00 AM